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    Posted by Automatikai on March 26, 2023 at 1:57 pm

    Hey all just an update on what I am working on. After doing some general exercises with Raspberry Pi and Arduino just to familiarize myself with them, I started on a couple of projects with an actual purpose. I bought some HC12 wireless transmitters and connected them to two Arduinos to make them communicate. One of the features of these transmitter/receivers is that they can change frequencies and power settings with AT commands. I set them up to do bidirectional master-slave settings with the two Arduinos. Ultimately I want to create small discrete and analog remote sensors that will share information with the Arduinos and the Pis, displaying the info on a TV monitor. It doesn’t make a lot of sense to devote a whole Arduino to just one sensor, so I also bought a few PIC microcontrollers and am learning them also.

    A lot of this already exists on things like Google Nest and home security systems, but I figure if I keep working on making this stuff work it will open other doors and give me ideas. I have a high school intern I am working with, he is trying to build a monitoring system for ambient volume levels in his house so he can adjust TV volume automatically. Between our two projects we are also exploring battery options and infrared remote control.

    This stuff can get pretty overwhelming and I have had to really study up on various components and circuits. It’s good to review though as this is all stuff I touched on in classes 30+ years ago.

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