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  • Automatikai

    November 3, 2020 at 10:40 pm

    Thanks Jet. Part of what drove me to do this is exactly what you said, a lack of inexpensive training options. I wrote a couple of books, and just due to economic realities they are priced out of the range of most people who want to learn industrial automation. For instance, booksellers automatically get a 55% discount on books from the printer. To leave room for profit for both the publisher and the author, a book that costs $18 to print quickly becomes $60. Video tutorials are free on YouTube, but often cost $100 or more for a DVD or a typical streaming course.

    Udemy is an exception, I don’t know if you checked them out. People put courses there for $49-$99, then Udemy can discount them to $9.99 on a whim. Paul Lynn made some decent income there for years, and his courses are pretty good, but even he eventually got tired of it and created his new “PLC Dojo”.